Valentine’s Day Love Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Valentine’s Day Love Poetry Contest Winners.

1st Place

Morning Toast by Margaret K. 

Beauty beholds

A cup of tea

Brewing gently for you and me


Croissants with butter

Spread in thick strokes

The whites of two poached eggs

Surrounding warm and yellow yolks


Scents of brew and warm cream

Fill our cups

With a foamy sheen

A fresh paper lays a fold

Birds a chirp in the cold

Wet dew

In the light of dawn

Bed sheets rustle and I hear a yawn


Arise, my love, for your breakfast for eggs two

Come kiss me for the day is new


We embrace in bare feet on the kitchen floor

You take a sip of tea

And tell me we need more…



Two is not enough for the both of us”

I say this is your gift in this light so blue

Because I am grateful to wake next to you


Everyday is special

Every night like the first time

I saw you

And my heart nearly died


I knew we were soul mates

We both felt it deep in our blood and bones

This morning toast is the least

I can do

Before I marry you.


2nd Place 

Always in My Heart by Kristin V.

In a few days, my love, we’ll be apart
But my thoughts of you will never leave my heart
I pray for your safety and success to be plenty
In seeking green pastures for our future family
Good luck in the far land, please do not be lonely

When tough times come, just remember me
Faithfully waiting for you, in all honesty
Picture my smile and my positive vibes
We can stand anything, love, we will survive

I am looking forward to seeing you again soon
To shower you with kisses on our wedding and honeymoon
And we will fulfill our promise to each other
Eventually, you and me – happy forever together

3rd Place 

Symphony by Dee P.

Slowly my fingers

touch and find yours

Two hands entwine

No words, just gentle

tips caressing

Palm to palm

comforting warmth

Your larger hand

encircles mine

I feel your energy

radiating symphonies

To the audience

of my eagerly awaiting hands