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Breakfast Available on certain days & times only. Check with Front Desk for current hours of operation. 
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Breakfast Menus 
Various Buffet Options

Bridal & Baby Shower Buffet 
Shower Brunch Buffet

Shower Lunch Buffet

Brunch Buffets
The Sagamore Hill Brunch Buffet
The Old Village Brunch Buffet
The Cedarmere Brunch Buffet

Dinner Buffets
Kensington Buffet
Lake Success Buffet
Kings Point Buffet
Great Gatsby Buffet
Manhattan Buffet

Dinner Plated
Thomaston Plated Dinner
Saddle Rock Plated Dinner
University Gardens Plated Dinner
Harbor Hills Plated Dinner
Kensington Gate Plated Dinner

Great Gatsby Tea Time

Lunch Buffets
Cutter Mill Deli Lunch Buffet
Lakeview Lunch Buffet
Little Italy Lunch Buffet
Long Island Classic Lunch Buffet

Corporate Events Menu*

Thirst Quencher
Cutter Mill Cookie Shop
Healthy Trail
Seventh Inning Stretch

Consumption Menu

Corporate Lunch Buffets
Cutter Mill Deli Buffet
Lakeview Buffet
Little Italy Buffet
Long Island Classic Buffet

Corporate Packages
The Manhattan Meeting Package
The Gotham Meeting Package
The Empire Meeting Package

Corporate Plated Dinners
The Manhattan Plated Dinner
The Gotham Plated Dinner

* Although we frequently update our prices, please note that any prices on our menus may change based on current market prices. Accurate pricing can be obtained by calling our Corporate or Social Sales Offices. Other promotional discounts do not apply to these menus unless specified by management without exception.